Laser Therapy Patients...I wear my sunglasses...

In January of 2013 Patapsco Valley Veterinary Hospital proudly added Cold Laser Therapy to our available services.

The cold laser is a new therapy for animals suffering from osteoarthritis and other painful or inflamed conditions. Unlike cutting lasers which are used in surgical situations for making incisions or cauterizing tissue, COLD lasers are used for therapeutic purposes to provide stimulation of healing properties and reduction of inflammation.

The cold laser unit is portable and small enough to be used on pets without being intimidating.

The system is capable of being used in small areas, including exam rooms so that you can stay right with your pet, which makes it more relaxing for your pet. The actual laser probe is small enough to hold in one hand and that makes it more easy to manage, allowing the doctor easy access to pin point placements on your pet's body. This allows for complete treatments in a short period of time.The process is actually quite simple. The laser probe is placed on your pet's body over the area where there is inflammation or pain.laser_treatment_1.jpg

The laser penetrates beneath the skin and generates energy into the damaged tissues which relaxes the muscles and reduces the inflammation and swelling and thus the pain caused by the body's natural response to injury.The best part of Cold Laser Therapy is laser_therapy_2.jpgthat your pet can just lay back and relax during treatment. No one has to have their fur shaved, there are no needles involved AND Mom or Dad can sit in the room holding a paw, or better yet, petting their head while they get their laser treatment.Ginger_crop.jpg

                                                 Since you cannot allow the laser to directly enter the eye as it could cause damage to the retina, we even provide some cool goggles to protect your pet.