How Anal Glands Affect Your Pet

Patapsco Valley View

Volume 3

Summer 2011

Itch, Scoot, and OO-EEY!

Itch, Scoot, and OO-EEY!

One lovely summer morning youchance_looks_smart.jpg

 happen to notice there, upon your brand new beige carpeting, Fuzzy is sliding across the floor on his butt like he sledding down Wisp Mountain in a toboggan.

Immediately you scream and the poor dog looks at you in horror and runs off!

Honestly Fuzzy isn’t trying to annoy you intentionally, and the smell that he left behind should give you some indication that there’s something going on, and it might be time to call the vet.

Anal glands are two small pocketed glands near the rectum that exude an oily substance that lubricates the rectum allowing for an easier passage of stool. When they work normally, you won’t even realize that your pet has them.

However, when the glands become clogged and unable to empty naturally through irritation or other conditions, they will fill and even swell, causing your pet discomfort.

In an effort to relieve the pressure your pet may scoot across the rug or grass in an effort to physically empty the glands of the built up fluids. The fluid is what leaves behind such an odiferous aroma and the stain on the carpet.

Unfortunately, your pet will occasionally need assistance with the task of removing the built up goo in the clogged glands. This is where the talented and well trained hands of the veterinarian come in. Often this is a simple procedure that can be done in the office in a matter of minutes with the doctor using her fingers to manipulate the gland to express itself and expel the liquid.

Some dogs, and even some cats, have chronic anal issues that may be related to allergies, or other health issues and they may require regular visits to keep the anals clear and functioning properly.

In rare instances some pets may actually develop an abscess or infection in the gland itself and may need more intensive treatment. Some pets may even require surgical intervention to correct the problem.

So, if you see Fuzzy scoot across the rug, give us a call and then get out the Carpet Master.