Patapsco Valley View

    Universal Healthcare for Pets?!

March 2013                                                                       Volume 13

Is this the future?

Just imagine, your pet has a problem100_0001.jpg or an accident and you can just run them to the emergency veterinarian for treatment without wondering if you have to choose between your pet’s health and the house payment?

Your veterinarian works hard to keep medical care for your pet affordable because we know how important a pet can be to their human’s happiness, and even their health. (It is a proven fact that people do better in medical situations if an animal is involved in their lives.) Anyone who has ever loved a pet knows how much they mean to us, and how far we will go to help them live a happy healthy life.

A new development in the last few years is the arrival of pet ’health insurance’. Very much like human health insurance, the new programs (offered by multiple companies) offer financial coverage for health issues that your pet may face. Most companies have multiple tiers of ‘service’ with a monthly premium, and a yearly ’deductible’.

Some programs cover only emergency situations or illnesses such as broken bones, cancer, or major disorders. Others offer coverage for allergies, lump removals, ear infections, and illnesses like thyroid disease or diabetes. Still other programs include preventative coverage such as vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, and even dental cleanings.

When looking into pet health insurance determine the coverage you want, the premiums, and how much of a coverage limit the company may have for a condition. Most companies have a set price they will reimburse to the client for illness, examinations, laboratory tests, and vaccinations. Also check to see whether the company will cover pre existing conditions. Some have a partial coverage, while others won’t cover an illness diagnosed or treated in the recent past.

Most animal breeds are genetically predisposed to certain diseases or disorders. Find health coverage that will cover what your pet may likely need (such as allergy testing for Labradors) and what will be financially helpful for you.

Another option that has appeared recently is Care Credit for Pets. Newly designed but based upon the human plan, the pet plan allows you to set up a credit line that you can use for your pet’s medical care. When you take your pet to the veterinarian, you use the Care Credit card as you would use a Visa to pay your charges, and then you make monthly payments directly to Care Credit. In some cases the payment interest is minimal if the balance is paid promptly.

Most importantly, know that your pet is a living being who will need medical care throughout his life. Be prepared.