New Methods of Pain Management - Cold Laser Therapy

Patapsco Valley View

Beam Me Up Scotty! Laser Therapy Has Arrived!

Volume 14                                                                                                                  April 2013

It seems like only yesterday we were fascinated by Doctor McCoy (or Doctor Crusher for younger readers) holding a tricorder over a crewman who was writhing in pain and almost instantly making him feel more comfortable. Lasers seemed like something out of science fiction and yet every day there seems to be a new use for these machines. Lasers aren’t just a toy to exercise your cat with anymore. The cold laser is a new therapy for animals suffering from osteoarthritis and other painful or inflamed conditions.

Unlike cutting lasers which are used in surgical situations for making incisions and cauterizing tissue, COLD lasers are used for therapeutic purposes to provide stimulation of healing properties and reduction of inflammation.

The process is actually quite simple. The laser probe is placed on your pet’s body over the area where there is inflammation or pain, such as an arthritic joint. The laser penetrates beneath the skin and generates energy into the damaged tissues which relaxes the muscles and reduces the inflammation and swelling and thus the pain caused by the body‘s natural response to injury.

One of the best parts of Cold Laser Therapy is that your pet can just lay back and relax while they get the treatment. No one has to get their fur shaved, leaving those embarrassing bald spots. There are no needles involved, so it‘s painless. AND Mom or Dad can sit in the room holding their paw, or better, petting their head while they get their treatment.

Some benefits of Cold Laser Therapy include:

Anti-inflammation because it activates the lymphatic drainage system and reduces swelling.

Anti-pain because it has a beneficial effect on nerve cells and stimulates endorphin release thus blocking pain.

Acceleration of tissue repair and cell growth, thereby increasing healing.

Laser Therapy also improves vascular flow, metabolic activity, improves nerve function and reduces scar tissue.

Cold Laser Therapy offers new options to many pets who are suffering from a myriad of causes such as injuries (like sprains and strains), arthritis, skin conditions (like hot spots and lick sores) ear infections and post operative pain.

Best of all, unlike most medications, cold laser is totally holistic. There are NO adverse effects to laser therapy. There are however a few situations where laser cannot be used. Since laser enhances blood flow it cannot be used on animals that are hemorrhaging. Also, because it enhances tissue growth it can’t be used to treat cancer. You cannot allow the Laser to directly enter the eye as it could cause damage to the retina. (So we have some cool goggles for your pet, and rather stylish ’shades’ for Mom or Dad to wear in the treatment room.)

The treatment course will vary depending on the ailment, Some conditions will respond to just 1 or 2 treatments, while chronic diseases like arthritis will usually require two to three bi-weekly treatments to show improvement and then maintenance sessions weekly - monthly.

Each time that you don’t have to help your dog lift himself to his feet, or you find your cat eyeing the laser pointer instead of lounging on the couch, you’ll realize the benefit of treatment. One other thing about Cold Laser Therapy, is that it’s actually quite reasonably priced, and if it means that your furry friend will be in less pain and live a longer, happier life it may be worth it’s weight in gold.