Today, Tuesday, March 3rd, my beloved older sister, Teena-Marie, crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully at home, alongside her loving family. For those who don’t know her life story, let me tell it to you.

Teena-Marie, formerly known as Tiny, had three owners before us. None of them were abusive, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, Teena-Marie had to be re-homed three times. In May of 2006, she found her forever home and became part of the Hodgson-Clopein clan.

At first, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of sharing my castle with another dog. I already had a sister, Verdi the Lovebird, so why add another I asked? Mom and dad said I needed a sister I could play with and not one I wanted to eat when she came out to play. I reluctantly welcomed her, however, her sweet and loving disposition won me over. Like my vet once told my parents, she was the Yang to my Yin.

As young pups, we played together and were always on the lookout for those pesky squirrels that taunted us from the deck. We enjoyed our neighborhood walks, our hikes in the park, and most of , cruising on the Pop Pop’s and Dad’s boat.

Like me, she was a lover of food and blankets. As we were gracefully aging, that’s all we did: eat and burrow under the blankets to take long naps.

My sweet sister Teena-Marie, even though your heart gave up on you today, you will forever be in our hearts. I will truly miss you, especially during our meal rallies, where we howled until we got fed. I can’t imagine what my life will be without you. Just know that on the other side of the rainbow bridge you will have lots of loved ones welcoming you with open paws/arms/claws. Until we meet again my dear sister.


Kaiser Napoleon