Patapsco Valley Veterinary has come across useful and entertaining videos that we want to share with our clients. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we have.

1)The first video is one example of why we have made veterinary medicine our profession:

2)Here's some useful info about Dogs and Butt Dragging Syndrome also known as Time to get the Anal glands cleaned out:

3)Here's an AWWWW for puppy lovers....

4)And an awwwww (must be quiet) for the kitty side.....

5) The wonder of medicine mixed with the will of a cat...

6) Proof that dogs and cats CAN get along....

7) The magical attraction of a canine caretaker:

8) Veterinary science lets a dog be a dog:

9) There's nothing like a mother's love

10) Proof that the spirit can overcome almost anything

11) Once again, the reason that we find Veterinary Medicine so fulfilling

12) Two adorable kittens

13) Here a very patient dog puts up with a very determined kitten

14) In honor of the hundreds of rescue and search dogs that combed the wreckage of the Twin Towers in September 2001.

15) A poor cat who can't get a good night's nap

16) Scooter the neutered Cool Cat and his video

17) A new video that shows the magic of veterinary medicine

18) Some kitten antics

19) A boy and his cat

20) Happy dogs

21) Kitty and the olive can

22) Puppy hug